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Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners in 2020

In a world that grows more and more digital by the day, if you're a small business owner that isn't utilizing social media yet, you're missing out on free money - period. Yet, so many business owners get stuck in figuring out how to use social media "properly", or they don't think they have the time to get it done.

Hopefully, with the suggestions for tools compiled below, we can get you started on the path to success - with the help of my friend April Karn, who was kind enough to share some of these during rue & fox's weekly recurring Facebook Live series called "Marketing Talk Mondays". These tools will empower you to create beautiful, professional content to share on social media.


Creating beautiful, professional, branded content that will catch the eye of prospective and current clients alike is essential - here are some tools to help dramatically speed up the process.

1. Canva I am consistently impressed with the mind-blowing amount of features that this free website offers to its customers, with even more options and features available with a premium account. Their template-based site allows you to choose from thousands of premade templates not only for social media posts (in all formats), but templates for designing company logos, business cards, posters, videos, shirts - you name it, there's probably a template for it. With a massive built-in gallery of stock images, graphic elements, fonts and more - as well as the ability to upload your own content - the possibilities for creating completely unique content in a few clicks is endless. The interface is beginner-friendly, and truly is one of the most easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interfaces for graphic design on the internet right now. This is, in my opinion, the best starting point for beginning to start your content creation journey.

2. Infogram

If you're in an industry that requires showcasing data, technical details, or feels hard to find visual graphics for, this tool will be your new best friend. With dozens premade templates to get you started, this tool can help you bring your data to life in a visually engaging way for your clients. There are five different pricing tiers, varying from Basic (Free) to Enterprise ($200+), there are options for just about all of your design needs.

Again, another incredibly versatile tool with a very beginner-friendly interface. I encourage you to play around with the colors in these templates to help them to match your company's logo colors and feel!

3. Piktochart

Piktochart combines the best features of Canva and Infogram into one website: the stunning, eye-catching templates of Canva meets the functionality of Infogram into the beautiful baby known as Piktochart.

Whether you're looking to create beautiful presentations, posters, flyers, infographics or social media content, Piktochart has what you're looking for. Each template is easily customizable, which not only allows for a completely different look to make your content unique, but allows you to make each design match your company branding standards. There are three different pricing tiers, starting at FREE ($0/month) to PRO TEAM ($99/month).


While using your own unique photography specifically for your own company's goods or services is always ideal, it's not always realistic - and let's face it, blurry phone photos aren't professional. To elevate your photo game quickly, here are some stock image sources to help you out. 1. Pexels Every image in this blog you've seen? Yep, from Pexels. This site is my go-to for beautiful, free stock photography. They are completely free for commercial use, with no attribution required - which is a big deal when it comes to using an artists photo for your own marketing purposes. The selection can be hit or miss, depending on what topic/subject you're seeking photography for, but at the end of the day, there is a huge catalog of photos to choose from at zero cost to you. A huge, huge win.

2. Unsplash Unlike traditional stock photography, Unsplash is built strictly upon the basis of generous photgraphers sharing their work with the world to use. So, while photographers can gain exposure and notoriety, users can partake of their artwork. This site currently offers more than 2 million photographs by artists around the world, completely free of charge. Similar to Pexels, the subject matter can be a bit hit-or-miss, but with so many photos to choose from, you can really get creative in your marketing efforts.

3. Social Squares Ready to elevate your photography even further? This is an ultra-premium site with incredibly user-intuitive features to save you time, and keep your content polished. With their Custom Curation™ tool, they curate your feed to feature photos that align with your branding, keywords and color schemes with no additional effort on your part.

What's more, they offer in-depth marketing tutorials, caption writing prompts, and more. For this premium service, there is a premium membership fee - $35/month - but the return on investment for this service is a no-brainer.


So, maybe you've invested in a fancy iPhone, or a beautiful camera, to create your very own content... but it doesn't look quite how you'd like yet. Here are some free photo editing options.

1. Adobe Lightroom Unlike most other Adobe programs, Adobe Lightroom is a completely free app on your phone. If you've heard of "photo presets", this is exactly where those can be used. With seemingly infinite amounts of genuine photo editing capabilities, as well as the ability to load in premade presets to give your photography a uniform look, this app takes the cake in my book. The interface is a bit more advanced than the other photo editing apps mentioned below, but with a bit of practice, you'll have worlds more potential for your photography here. 2. VSCO Want to edit your photo with just a click? This is the app for you. The free version of this app allows you to use a multitude of premade photo filters, which are much more sophisticated than what Instagram or Facebook inherently offer. For a small fee, you can choose their monthly/annual subscription to unlock even more gorgeous, high-quality filters and editing features. 3. Snapseed If a more dramatic photo edit is what you're seeking, this is the app for you. Their tools are engineered to bring you incredible results with just a click or two - whether to have an intense, focused blur, or to make your photo look like it's on an old static television, you can really bring a surreal effect to your photos quickly. Of course, there are the standard photo editing features as well. This one is fun to play around with.

There are hundreds more programs, apps, and websites available online to help create your own unique content, too - don't let yourself be limited by this list. What are your favorite sites? Which suggestion did you like best? We look forward to your feedback!

Rue & Fox offers Freelance Marketing & Branding services specifically for small business owners. Since 2019, we have also believed in empowering these small business owners with the knowledge to use these tools to successfully showcase their business for years to come. From building websites to designing flyers, creating social media strategies to company logos - we are thrilled to create unique and high-quality deliverables at a small business-friendly price point. For questions or to book a consultation, e-mail

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